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The Problem:

The biggest issue that fitness centers face is a lack of new membership signups, especially when the weather starts to get nice and people choose the outdoors rather than the gym.

The Goal:

"The goal of every fitness center is to bring new people through the door and convince them to start a membership."

The Solution:

Get more Customers


360º Virtual Tour

Benefits of having a virtual tour
for your fitness Club

get more memberships

Those who see a Virtual Tour of your Fitness Club are twice as likely to be interested in visiting it in person with high chances of buying your membership, because they already saw your facilities and the business atmosphere within the virtual tour.

Save you time getting more membership

Virtual tours in the case of fitness center save employees time because each person interested in the gym can visit it at home first and then visit it already live when they are really interested.

Your fitness club open 24/7

A virtual tour leaves your space open 24/7. A potential client can see all of your equipment and facilities whenever it is convenient for them.

Puts you ahead of the competition

What better way of breaking down the walls of objections than by having a virtual tour be the cause of a pre-approval? That’s right, you can have people already sold on your gym, while avoiding your competitors, simply by offering a view of what your gym looks like inside.

Virtual visits are powerful sales tools

Virtual visit technology has become so advanced that they have become mass sales tools. For example, facilities may choose to incorporate what are called Hotspots or active zones (information labels along the route that provide the user with more details about the space).  We will then talk about an interactive virtual visit, in which the user, in addition to giving a realistic view of the space, is providing information in layers of text, video, audio or images.

Interactive virtual tours in the case of a gym can take advantage of hotspots in several ways:

– Information about menus, prices or cafeteria.
– Schedules in the initial panoramic access to the tour.
– Informational buttons that present personal trainers.
– Custom interactive buttons that show.
– how to use a certain machine.
– Sample video clips of some training performed by the trainers.
– Information about classes offered and other options.

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